5 Bold Fantasy Football Predictions: Week 6


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Not much can be said about the fantasy season so far. It seems like every week, someone else is injured and it has been getting out of hand. Notable players who have missed noteworthy time or will be out indefinitely for the season or an extended period of time with injuries include: David Johnson, Rob Gronkowski, Jordan Reed, Tyler Eifert, Greg Olsen, Charles Clay, Odell Beckham Jr., Dalvin Cook, Sam Bradford, Corey Coleman, Danny Woodhead, Kevin White, Cameron Meredith, Andrew Luck, Allen Robinson, Spencer Ware, and Julian Edelman. I had to stop there, first and foremost it pains me to see these talented players miss playing time with serious injuries but it also effects fantasy in bad ways. Ways that include owners scrambling to hit the waiver wire, forcing trades to fill a hole on their team, and making almost ridiculous moves from the bench to the starting lineup to get an unexpected edge. Fortunately, fate finds a way to help us and shed some light on matchups that could favor our weekly matchups. For instance, I just named five tight ends that are either elite or were on the path to the top ten by the end of the year. What can be done about that? Consider these bold predictions heading into week six.

 #1) Tyreek Hill will haul in 10 catches, take them for 130 yards and one touchdown – Surprisingly, the spark on the Pittsburgh Steelers is their defense. They have given up an average of 15.4 points per game, forced 7 turnovers, and have scored one touchdown. Pretty spectacular for a team that is supposed to be led by their offense. Hate to say it but they haven’t played a real offense yet. The Chiefs have one of the most complete and efficient offenses in the NFL and have beat opposing teams handily thus far into the season. This is due in part to Tyreek Hill, who is a top 10 wide receiver through the Chiefs first five games but has yet to be consistent this year, flip-flopping single and double-digit fantasy points week after week and it has been truly frustrating. This trend would indicate that he’ll have a down week but it is likely to break that streak as his team boasts arguably the best QB/RB/TE/WR combo in the NFL right now and with their great defense, the Steelers defense might be out there a little longer than they’d like to be. Tyreek Hill is a safe bet to outproduce the field of receivers in fantasy this week.

#2) Aaron Rodgers will throw more interceptions than touchdowns – There is no doubt who is arguably the best player in the NFL, but, Aaron Rodgers still has had his fair share of bad outings in his career, some more recently than you’d think. The last time Rodgers faced the Vikings in Minnesota, he had a disastrous game, throwing for 213 yards, one touchdown and one interception bringing his Passer Rating to his second lowest of 2016 at 70.7. Not very good if you ask me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have a great game like he usually does but the Vikings defense is top tier and has shut down some notable teams this season, which includes their number one receivers. Mike Evans only scavenged 67 yards against the Vikings, Antonio Brown was held to 62 yards, Michael Thomas to 45 yards, shall I go on? With Jordy Nelson battling an undisclosed injury that occurred late in the Cowboy games last week, who knows how well Rodgers can spread the ball out to just Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, and Martellus Bennett. It’ll be an interesting game, one of the best matchups of the week and it is for this very reason: Aaron Rodgers will look vulnerable on Sunday. Sorry Packer fans.

#3) Hunter Henry will finally put together a 75+ yard game and one touchdown – I am in the “Hunter Henry has single-handedly screwed my fantasy team” demographic and I’ll tell you what, I have never felt worse about a draft pick in my life. I have a good team around him but I have lost by single digits in the weeks he failed to record a catch and that is just embarrassing when a player throws up a healthy goose egg in the points column. I’m sticking with him in a few leagues, even though I dropped him in one in favor of Cameron Brate, because he has such great athleticism and big-play opportunity that it’s hard to part ways with such potential, especially with Phillip Rivers under center. Henry has shown flashes this year of his great ability but hasn’t really proven himself to be what everyone saw last year. That’ll turn around this Sunday when the Chargers play a Raiders team that has played at an average level this year against opposing tight ends. If Derek Carr sits out once again, and the Raider defense is out there most of the night, a big Hunter Henry game is inevitable.

#4) Leonard Fournette will be held under 60 yards and scoreless – You can’t stay great forever. Right? Through five weeks, the rookie running back has eclipsed 100 total yards three times and has found the end zone at least once in every game as well. Quite the resume heading into a week six matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. Remind you, the Rams defense isn’t a pushover being led by defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Phillips is so great at what he does, Rams head coach Sean McVay has frequently been on the sideline not even bothering to watch how his defense performs. I know the Rams haven’t been excellent against the run but are we really going to doubt Phillips against a one-dimensional offense? If Fournette is to have one of his “normal” production days, he’s going to have to be lucky because the passing game in Jacksonville is abysmal at best and the Rams will focus on shutting down the LSU product. People have been comparing Fournette to Ezekiel Elliott in terms of volume and production but the difference between the two is that Elliott’s Cowboys have other weapons to utilize on offense and a stout offensive line. I don’t see much from Fournette this week, unfortunately.

#5) Alvin Kamara will take over lead running back duties, 100 total yards and one touchdown – Adrian Peterson is officially an Arizona Cardinal now and that primarily leaves veteran Mark Ingram and rookie Alvin Kamara to share the workload in New Orleans. The Saints are by no means a run-first offense, they will attack you through the air and succeed. This usually wouldn’t bode well for running backs on other teams but Ingram and Kamara can excel in the passing game. Kamara has shown his explosiveness from the backfield, through the air, and even on returns so it’s only a matter of time before he takes over most of the touches in New Orleans while Ingram simply plays a complementary role behind him.  It’s a tough bet considering Ingram capped off his 2016 season with over 1,000 yards rushing on five yards per carry, but Kamara has the tools to be the franchise running back that Ingram hasn’t really turned out to be. The Saints return from a BYE at home against the Lions who have been kind to opposing running backs this season and with the threat of Drew Brees looming, the Lions overrated defense will be lost this weekend and give Kamara a successful outing on Sunday.

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