Buy Low/Sell High – Week 3


Injuries are piling up following Week 2 in the NFL and we hope for a speedy recovery for all the players that went down.

This week I’m going to keep the article to buying and selling. I would love to make every trade buying as low as possible or selling a fantasy player for max value. However, many fantasy leagues are different and every situation poses a different value. Some owners out there know every breaking detail about every player in the league, living on Twitter and message boards (I don’t judge you, that’s awesome). Then there are fantasy owners like my dad who asks if he should play Aaron Rodgers every week. Either way, I am going to recommend who you need to look for and try to acquire anyway possible. Most trades are all about timing, and those situations will be the time to buy low or sell high. Other times, you want to pay as much as possible to gain access to a potential breakout (i.e. Kareem Hunt).

Here is a quick recap of last week’s “Buy Low/Sell High” candidates:

Last Week’s Buy Low’s
1. Tarik Cohen
2. Austin Hooper
3. Paul Richardson
4. Evan Engram
5. George Kittle

Last Week’s Sell High’s:
1. Marvin Jones
2. Larry Fitzgerald
3. Jordan Reed
4. Frank Gore

Week 3 Buy Low/Sell High

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Buy Low: Chris Thompson

Coming into this year Chris Thompson was slated to be the receiving back in an explosive Washington Redskins offense. Unfortunately, the Redskins don’t seem to be the explosive team analysts thought they were supposed to be, but they still have massive potential. Chris Thompson on the other hand has picked up right where he left off last year as the Skins third down receiving back. Last year he finished as the 35th fantasy running back. So far this season, Thompson has 6 rushes for 81 yards and two touchdowns to go along with seven receptions for 81 yards and a touchdown. Those numbers are going to continue to rise as their starting running back Rob Kelly has gone down with a broken rib and will likely miss a few weeks. The Redskins drafted Samaje Perine out of Oklahoma, but he failed to impress the coaches this preseason (due to ball security issues). Eventually, I believe Perine will figure it out and will become more of a workhorse back for the Redskins. Even if he does, Thompson will still continue to see plenty of work as Kirk Cousins’ check down option out of the backfield. Thompson is my number one buy this week.

Buy Low: Trevor Siemian

The season is still young following Week 2 but as fans we can start to see characteristics coming out of the league. Trevor Siemian seems to have settled into his role for the Denver Broncos. This year he is 39 of 60 for 460 yards and six touchdowns. That is very solid work for this Broncos team that desperately needed a quarterback to step up. The Broncos are built to play defense. They need a game manager on the other side of the ball to keep the mistakes to a minimum and let their defense continue to dominate. So far, Siemian has been great. With all the weapons around him, Siemian should continue seeing success. The Broncos head to Buffalo this week and then come back home to face Oakland before their Week 5 bye. If you drafted a quarterback that is struggling out of the gate like Cam Newton or Kirk Cousins, look to buy Siemian and enjoy the next couple weeks.

Buy Low: J.J. Nelson

The Arizona Cardinals are in trouble after losing star running back David Johnson. Not to mention, the uncertainty with speedster John Brown while he deals with his sickle cell trait. For these reasons, I am buying wide out J.J. Nelson. Yesterday against the Colts, Nelson had five catches for 120 yards and a touchdown. With two touchdowns so far this young season, look for Nelson to continue seeing success as the deep option for the Cardinals. Arizona are going to be playing catch up this year, look for them to take shots downfield to the speedster.

Buy Low: Geronimo Allison

The Green Bay Packers had a tough game down in Atlanta this past week. During the first series Jordy Nelson went down with a quad injury of unknown severity. Late in the fourth quarter Randall Cobb went down with a shoulder injury. We do not know yet what the outlook for these two players are. I would look to second year player 6’2’’ Geronimo Allison and buy low now. Allison has played sparingly as the fourth receiver for the Packers receiving 22 targets a year ago in 10 games. If either Jordy or Cobb are forced out for an extended period of time he will step into a fantastic situation. Remember this statement: A receiver playing with Aaron Rodgers is a rich receiver. Yesterday Allison had three catches on five targets for 24 yards. Keep an eye on the news and if either receiver is out for a few games, run and pick up Allison before it’s too late!

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Sell High: Carson Palmer

Even though I am buying J.J. Nelson, I am going to be selling his quarterback Carson Palmer. Coming into this year I was a big fan of Carson Palmer, mainly because of David Johnson and John Brown. Johnson would have been able to carry the load for the Cardinals this year, but now that he is injured the Cardinals don’t have a whole lot of options. As we saw yesterday the Cardinals used 3 running backs by committee approach. I don’t see the Cardinals staying in many games this year and I am concerned that leaning on the 37 year old is not the best game plan for his long term success this year.

Sell High: Bilal Powell/Matt Forte

The New York Jets are a mess. Already playing for the first pick in 2018, the Jets are going nowhere this year and have the best chance to win 0 games. I was a fan of Bilal Powell’s talent coming into this year, but so far in 2 games Powell has scored 5.2 points! I don’t trust an organization who is tanking. The Jets are using 3 running backs in a rotation including. With the Jets going nowhere this year, I see them playing their rookie Elijah McGuire to see what he offers. Keep an eye on him, outside of McGuire sell the Jets.

Sell High: DeAndre Hopkins

This year fantasy owners wanted to believe that DeAndre Hopkins will have a bounce back season. Thinking that DeShaun Watson or Tom Savage couldn’t be worse than Brock Osweiler. Unfortunately, it is not looking great for the star receiver. We can all agree Watson is a great athlete, but he does not possess the most accurate arm or deep ball. Hopkins has received a large amount of targets this year (29) but teams know to key on him. What also concerns me about Hopkins is his schedule. They will face NE, KC, SEA, ARI, BAL. Not to mention JAX and PIT in the fantasy playoffs. All good defenses against the pass. Hopkins is an amazing talent but I don’t see him returning the value he was drafted at. I would rather cut bait and sell high now then watch his talent be wasted throughout the year.

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Bonus Deep Buy: Vernon Davis

As I mentioned last week, I am selling Jordan Reed. The tight end for the Redskins is uber talented, but cannot manage to kick the injury bug. In deeper formats I am buying his backup, ageless wonder Vernon Davis. The 33-year-old veteran had a solid season last year filling in for Reed. He may need to do the same if Reed continues getting banged up. We have not been updated on Reed’s status, but he injured his chest yesterday and whether he will miss time is up in the air. Through two weeks Reed now has a broken big toe and a sternal clavicular sprain (the point where your sternum meets your collarbone at your chest). Like the check downs offered out of the backfield to Chris Thompson, Cousins will continue checking down to Davis a few times a game. In limited use, Davis had one catch for 13 yards. If you have room on your bench, I would make a speculative purchase for Vernon Davis and hold on to him to see how this Jordan Reed situation plays out.

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