Week 6 Buy’s and Sell’s


Once again, we finish a week filled with nasty injuries. I hope for a full healthy recovery for everyone that went down.

Disclaimer, rant ahead:

I have seen a few instances recently where people are writing negative comments on NFL players social media accounts because they let down their fantasy team due to an injury. C’MON MAN!!! Nobody cares about your fantasy team! Sports are offered to us as a way to escape the daily struggles we all go through in life, good or bad. 3 hours of entertainment where we can sit and eat some form of fatty food and scream at our televisions. Where we can call into a talk radio show and discuss our frustrations we have with our team. So please, stop acting like your fantasy football team is important. These NFL players make their living performing on the football field. At any given moment a player can lose his job, just like you and me. A lot of these guys have given their life to football, give them a break if they “messed up” your fantasy team. You don’t have to agree with their career choice in life, but at least respect them as humans and realize their lives can be greatly affected by an unfortunate action that leaves them on the sideline. Remember, fantasy football is for fun, a hobby. This is real life and they have families just like you and me. I am lucky that I have a career and have the opportunity to write about football in my spare time. Respect these players as every day people and do not give them grief if your fantasy team got messed up. Ahhhh, my rant is over…

Last week I was off about Justin Tucker, maybe this Ravens offense has figured something out? After a career worst start to a season, Joe Flacco looked like his old self yesterday slinging the ball deep to Mike Wallace. Hopefully we will see this continue.

Below I discuss 3 tight ends to try and acquire, while dropping 1 under performing tight end. The tight end position in fantasy football is a dumpster fire so far this year littered with uncertainty. Unless you own Kelce, Ertz, or Gronk, you probably need a stable option at the tight end position. One piece of advice at tight end, play whoever is matched up against the Giants or Browns. Each defense has surrendered a touchdown every week thus far.

Last Week’s Buy Low:
1. Tyler Lockett
2. J.D. McKissic
3. Buffalo Defense

Last Week’s Sell High:
1. Jared Goff
2. Isaiah Crowell
3. Justin Tucker

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Buy: Hunter Henry

We all knew Hunter Henry would eventually start contributing more. According to Adam Levitan, this past week, Henry was in on 75.6% of snaps, ran 33 routes, and had 8 targets. All season highs for the second year player. He showed his talent last year at the tight end position. One year ago Henry saw 53 targets and had 8 touchdowns. So far this season he has seen 18 targets and has 2 touchdowns. Yes, the production this year has been slow for Henry. Mainly due to the Chargers wanting Antonio Gates to set the record for most touchdowns from a tight end. The 37 year old is clearly slowing down as his usage has dropped since week 1. Maybe it is the optimist in me, but I do not see Gates continuing his pace of play. As the season rolls along, Henry should see an uptick in usage, just like last year. If for some reason Gates were to miss extended time (or even retire now that he has the record) look for Henry to become a top 5 tight end.

Buy: Ed Dickson

The Panthers have had a gigantic turn around the past 2 weeks. Cam Newton is starting to look like his old MVP self from two years ago. Losing his star tight end Greg Olsen at the beginning of the year was devastating. We have grown used to seeing Cam target Olsen year after year, as he was targeted over 100 times for 5 straight years. The Panthers have now moved on, using Ed Dickson in the Greg Olsen role. The 8 year veteran Dickson blew up yesterday going for 175 yards on 5 receptions against the Lions. Cam has a cannon for an arm and loves targeting his big bodied weapons. Outside of week 8 against the Bucs; the Panthers have a softer than average match up against defenses that do not defend the tight end well. If you are struggling at tight end (see below, Eric Ebron) try obtaining Dickson on your squad.

Buy: David Njoku

Before you read this portion, go online and watch David Njoku’s highlights. Standing 6’4’’ 246 lbs, Njoku is a specimen. He is a wide receiver trapped in a tight ends body. Cleveland is not going to be winning many games (if any) this year and are going to need to throw the ball a lot. Especially because they have not been able to get their running game going with Isaiah Crowell. Rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer got benched for Kevin Hogan this past week due to his ineffectiveness. On his first drive under center Hogan threw a dart to the pylon where Njoku dove and caught the ball one handed. Impressive to say the least. Njoku has the skill sets to be heavily used in this offense. If Hogan can light a fire under a very underwhelming offense, look for Njoku to be a contributor to this team.

Sell: Sammy Watkins

Last week I told everyone to sell high on Jared Goff (due to his upcoming difficult schedule). He ended up having a decent day as a real life quarterback, but as a fantasy starter he was a let down. Throwing for 288 yards, zero touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. His new number 1 wide out Sammy Watkins went catch less on 4 targets. When I recommended selling Jared Goff last week, that also stood true for Watkins as well. This week the Rams travel to take on the leagues best corner back duo in Jacksonville who just destroyed Big Ben (stop being a diva, more on this later). Then turn around and head home to face Patrick Peterson and the Cardinals before their bye week. Things don’t look great for Sammy the rest of the season as they still have to face Seattle again, the Vikings, Arizona again, at the Giants, and Houston. All very solid pass defenses. If Sammy was a target vacuum I would say he would be fine, but so far this season he has only seen 20 targets. Turning those into 14 receptions for 211 yards and 2 scores. Sammy is a great talent, and maybe we will see him and Goff develop better chemistry, but he is going to have multiple games the rest of this year that will deliver poor production. I would rather cut bait on Sammy now, and try to get good value in return. SELL, SELL, SELL!

Sell: Eric Ebron

Coming into year 4 for Ebron he was pegged by many analysts to be primed for a breakout. But so far this season he has not delivered. Outside of his week 2 performance against the New York Giants (a team that has surrendered the most fantasy points to tight ends) Ebron has been a big let down this year. Fellow tight end Darren Fells was acquired to be the blocking tight end for Detroit. Instead, he is outplaying Ebron, scoring 2 touchdowns while playing 1 less game than Ebron. It is time to gain anything you can back for the former first round (top 10) pick.

Sell: Ben Roethlisberger

After a disastrous performance against the Jaguars big Ben told the media that maybe he doesn’t have what it takes anymore to be the starting quarterback. @RossTuckerNFL (an ex offensive linemen) had a great quote on twitter: “Tough sport to do well if not 100% invested in every way. I hate hearing a quarterback complain about his performance on the field. Suck it up and be the leader you are supposed to be. Last week it was Antonio Brown throwing a tantrum on the sideline, and now it’s Ben saying maybe he should retire. Either way, the Steelers are in a funk offensively ranking 17th in total offensive yards (last year they finished 7th overall in offensive yards gained). I don’t believe the Steelers have the greatest play calling. This past week was a great example of that. Going against the toughest pass defense in the NFL (and the softest run defense), the Steelers threw the ball 55 times, while only giving the ball to LeVeon Bell 15 times. That is a joke. Bell needs to be touching the ball double that amount against such a soft run defense. Maybe instead of blaming Ben, we should be blaming Todd Haley. There is no reason to have a 35 year old Ben drop back 55 times in a game. So far this season he has yet to score over 18 fantasy points (failing to score over 12 points three weeks). Two of his next three games are on the road at KC, and at DET where history tells us he is significantly worse on the road. Starting in week 10 the Steelers have some favorable matchups: @Colts, TEN, and GB. By that point of the season I would imagine Ben being on the waiver wire. Pick him back up for week 11. Other than that, sell Ben for all you can.

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