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Whether you are an experienced writer or are just looking to get started in the industry; Touchdown Fantasy is the place to be. We are an up and coming website that specializes in commissioning fantasy leagues, and providing valuable fantasy football advice and insight.

Our Mission

We are working hard to expand yearly and have a plan in place to become one of the top and most recognizable fantasy football websites on the planet.


Since we are a new website we have some start up expenses which prevents us from paying writers. However, we are always looking at unique ways to reward our team for their hard work.

One of the ways we reward our writers is by providing significant exposure through several different ways. For starters, we have designed our website with an emphasis of promoting our writers and making sure that their work is seen. Our goal is to provide a platform for our writers to show off their content through a very structured and organized website. Every article you write will be shared through our official twitter page and some will be featured through our official Facebook page.  We encourage you to share your own content as well.

All of our writers will be featured on the “Our Team” page, which will be complete with a full bio and professional picture of yourself, as well as your twitter handle so you can gain more of a following. Every article you write will also be seen under your personal profile as well, so your followers and fans can easily access all of your content. Furthermore, we have a unique system in place that rewards writers for accomplishments that will also be seen on the Writer Profile.

Every month, we will reward our top writer with the “Writer of the Month” title and that writer will be featured on our home page slider. Lastly, you will receive feedback and tips for our management team on ways you can improve and boost your career in the industry.

Growing Your Career

Our management team is committed to helping you reach your career goals. We will do everything in our power to make sure you are growing as a writer and also are getting significant exposure. We would love to chat with you about your career goals, how we can help you reach them, and how you would fit in with our team.


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